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RTE Group | Siamese Sundown
Siamese Sundown

Siamese Sundown is the next unforgettable name in the world of rock and roll. Their single “Shake” has already seen much success, not only on their native Philadelphia rock station but nationally as well, with its release on Silent Majority Group’s 2011 compilation cd Freshmen 15 which will be released on April 8 2011. The band recorded a self-titled EP at Soundmine Studios with producer Dan Malsch (Tantric, Framing Hanley) in summer 2009. Their catchy hooks and radio-friendly rock style is making fans ask for more. In the words of Greg Kennelty of Penn Live “Siamese Sundown is a band that I urge you to go see live if they're playing anywhere near you. You're not going to be disappointed.”
Since late 2009, the band has been playing high-energy shows at such places as The Legendary JC Dobbs and The Khyber in Philadelphia, as well as The Trash Bar in Brooklyn, which has garnered a growing and loyal following. Each member has his own style on the stage and in the studio, but no member takes away from the whole of Siamese Sundown. Whether it is vocalist Brendan McCarthy howling away at the microphone, guitarist Jason Baily shredding his signature licks, bassist Shawn Ray pounding away on his Rickenbacker or drummer Jack Gardner beating the drums like they owe him money, Siamese Sundown has a sound all their own.
The band recently performed at the 15th annual Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA and their single “Shake” was featured as the lead track on the conference compilation album. Everyone who attends a Siamese Sundown show leaves energized, with the lyrics to one of their songs in their head. So check the band out—you’ll remember where you were when you first heard Siamese Sundown.
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