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RTE Group | Rhyne McCormick Rhyne McCormick
Blues / Folk Rock / Gospel

Rhyne McCormick was born and raised in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, where he was first exposed to music the good old-fashioned way--on vinyl. Classic artists like Aretha Franklin, James Taylor and Jackson Browne made their way to his turntable growing up, thanks to his music-loving mother, whom he credits for exposing him to music early in his life. Between the constant visits to his mother's vast record collection and his frequent music camp trips, Rhyne was enveloped by music of many genres.
But if you ask him, he most intimately feels a connection with that old, gospel soul music, as is evidenced by tracks like Deeper and 5104 off of his newest album, Live at the Capitol Theatre. Friends and fellow musicians have described his music as "heartfelt" and having "soul." A true slice of Americana, it encompasses a little bit of everything, including a throw-back to the original rock-n-roll soul of the '50s and '60s, seasoned with a dose of classic rock and topped off with a little bit of classic country and folk.
He had more than 150 inspired performances this past year, and his passion is evident as he puts his heart and soul into each performance as though it were the first and the last. With a career that has spanned more than 10 years, McCormick is still going strong.
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