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The core intent of The RTE Group is simple: to provide music artists with the best opportunities by building strong relationships. Artists need time and freedom to develop their art without the burden of finding support for it. We make this easy by linking music artists to their fans through economic methods of artist management, booking, and promotion. We are in the business of honest art and good professional relationships, and we support artists that follow the same philosophy.

From an early age Rick Batley knew he wanted to do something in the music world. At age 15 he started working a local guitar shop where he quickly gained the respect of local musicians he looked up too. By age 17 he became the rodie for a local central PA band called Fuel. He kept that job until age 20 when the band got signed to a major label. He bounced around the area working for more local bands before landing a gig with the Black Crowes for a 2 week stint that took him down the east coast of America. Once that had wrapped up he was looking to get into a project where he was playing music instead of setting up the shows. After a few short lived bands he found the right fit. He was selected to join a central PA band fronted by a talented singer songwriter Darcie Miner. Within a year Darcie signed a major label deal with a now defunct label, but in the middle of recording the record the label went belly up. "It was the greatest time in my life, besides my children's birth and my wedding" Rick reminisces, "the things I learned from her (Darcie Miner), my band mates and the people around her were invaluable." Rick went on to say "they are still like family to me; I love them all dearly…" Since his departure from the band, Rick has become a father of two wonderful little boys, written a book on marketing your band and has been a consultant for a few software development companies that are developing tools for bands to help expose their art. Over the past few years Rick has also gotten back in the studio to engineer and produce local bands, consulted bands on their careers and helped open a small project studio with a partner. Rick has also been testing and refining the methods that the RTE Group is now applying to all of the artists they work with.

Music has always been my #1 passion since a very young age. I simply can't live without it! I grew up in the punk/hardcore scene when i was a a young teenager. After high school, i attended Full Sail in Winter Park, Fl for the recording arts program. I then moved to Harrisburg, Pa to attend H.A.C.C. for the music business program. After attending H.A.C.C., i then moved to Toledo, Oh to work for Lumberjack Distribution (a independent music distributor) to do sales/warehouse duties for a few years. Since then, i have worked at venues in Minneapolis and Cleveland doing production, runner, and hospitality duties. I am very excited to be a part of the RTE GROUP.

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